A little bit more about me...

  I was born and raised in Germany. Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to do something related to art and creativity. After high school I went to college to become a fashion designer.

  With my husband being in the military and having two boys, I was mostly a house wife taking care of the family and a photographer of my own kids. I started taking even more pictures when my children got into playing sports. I combined my photography skills and computer skills and created great photos and collages.

  In January 2004 a big tragedy hit us. My 16 year old stepdaughter was diagnosed with a cancerous braintumor and passed away only one year later. It's when I noticed how important a single photograph could be.

  I turned my hobby into a profession. I started doing workshops,studying photo processing, technics and invested in a lot of professional equipment.

  The acceptance and encouragement from people around me and from other professionals made me feel like I was on the right path.

  After my husband retired from the military, we were fortunate to stay in Germany for 7 years. That gave me the opportunity to really expand. I opened a studio and had a great business going. I photographed team sports, families, children, seniors, events and schools.

  I am very thankful for all the amazing clients and friends that I have met along my path and hope I can continue to do what I love here in my new home in Woodbridge, VA.

  The idea of creating something that people would truly cherish, is more gratifying than anything I had ever done. I feel so honored to be photographing other families and helping them document their own memories.


I love the ability of my camera freezing LIFE for an instant                                  

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